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If you feel we could improve the experiece or extend the app functionality in a meaningful please let us know via support.

Creating a pull request

Click on the create pull request button located near the top right of any confluence page. A dialog will appear and you’ll be asked to provide a title.

On creation of the pull request you will be redirected to a copy of the page. This new page acts as a branch, a diff between the branch page and the base page will be generated automatically whenever either page is edited.

Navigating between base and branch pages

A confluence page which is part of a pull request will have a special content byline rendered. When clicked an inline dialog reveals information and actions you can take.

For a base page the content byline inline dialog reveals a table listing all pull requests for that page including links so you can naviagte to the branch and diff pages.

For a branch page the content byline inline dialog reveals a link to the base page, diff page (if it exists), and an action button to merge.

Browsing open pull requests

You can browse all open pull requests for a space by accessing the pull requests plugin page located in the left hand vertical menu of a space.

Merging a pull request

When you merge a pull request the branch page is deleted and it's content is copied to the base page. The title of the base page is not altered during a merge.

You can merge a pull request from two locations:

  1. A merge button located on the diff page

  2. A merge button located on a branch page’s content byline inline dialog

What content is copied on merge?

When you merge a pull request we copy the following from the branch page to the base page.

  • Title of the branch page is copied to the branch page, excluding the bracket prefix identiting the pull request number e.g. [PR #5]

  • The body html of the page

What content is not copied on merge?

  • Labels, the base page labels will not chamge

  • Permissions, the base page permissions will not change

  • Attachments, the base page attachments will not change

Closing a pull request

If you want to discard a pull request you can close it by simply deleting the branch page.

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